Creator of FilmSeekers | Neil Ramjee

I'm a film & literature graduate, been department store manager and have worked behind the scenes on commercial, independent and even Bollywood films.

Aside from film, my other passion in life is music and I have worked on radio since the age of 13 - you can still hear me weekly on UKRD station Spire FM and BBC radio as their in-house film expert.

I have been a DJ for 18 years, supporting big name artists and running club nights. I still DJ every weekend specialising in house and techno - but trust me, I know my Andrew Wetherall from my Andrews Sisters! A selection of my work can be found here under my Your Boyfriends Are DJs moniker.

Other useless facts about me include my fascination with table sauces, an obsession with Alan Partridge and my inability to understand how cruise ships float.

Feel free to add me on social media and talk about any of the above or contact me directly for commissions and advertising queries.

About Film Seekers

FilmSeekers started as a means to explore film in all its forms indiscriminately, without the pomp and circumstance associated with less mainstream films.

We write reviews, opinions and give honest thoughts with no agendas.

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We'll happily talk about the latest films, pointing to its inspirations, delve into classics and impart our knowledge to help find those films which speak to you.

We also want to talk with you!
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